Without Borders Virtual Summit- 55 speakers from 20 countries

A Global University: Comprehensive & Practical Skills, Tools, & Information

This conference is PACKED with cutting-edge leaders sharing their most powerful tools to help you maximize the next stage of life. Join us from the comfort of your HOME!

Our Mission: to age without the Inner Borders that keep us from living fully, discouraging us from trying new things, and allowing society to dictate what we can and cannot do; and to connect freely - without Outer Borders - with a global community of like minded, curious and engaged peers launching a movement of social change, impact and innovation.

We've brought together 55 of the world's most influential experts in the aging revolution to show you how to stay mentally and physically healthy, join the encore entrepreneur boom, re-think your paradigms about aging and get tech savvy.

Baby Boomers and beyond have gained a new stage of life that is still not universally named; representing a "second adulthood" of possibility. 

We've got your one-way ticket to an action-packed week full of incredible speakers, bonuses, takeaway's, and innovations that will change the way you think about the rest of your life.

Age Without Borders Summit Experience: Seven Days of pre-recorded, intimate, inspiring and engaging, video-based lectures, with multiple experts featured each day. Imagine! No other conference offers this quantity of speakers, without expensive registration fees, added hotel and travel costs, and time away from home.

“This event is perfect for me, because I want to learn more about aging innovations around the world. I want to learn the latest in improving my mental and physical health; as well as increase my income potential beyond retirement years doing work I love, and make an impact.”


Best selling authors - Leading 50+ experts in health, wellness, positive aging, finance.

World Leaders from the United Nations, UNESCO, U3A, Encore.org, NCOA, Milken Institute, Institute for the Future, Conscious Elders

Practical Experts: Technology, Memory Health, Aging in Place, Nutrition, Lifelong Learning, Entrepreneurism, Personal Assessments, Passion & Purpose, 50+ Traveling, Building a Global Network, and Ageism Activism


Health & Wellness: Mental and Physical


Technology,  Innovations & 50+ Entrepreneurism


Global Leaders Creating Change: United Nations, UNESCO, Encore.org, U3A


A "Global Safari" of Lifelong Learning: Experts from Australia, India, Iceland, France, Mauritius, Czech Republic, Hong Kong & Tasmania!


Retirement, Caregiving & Travel: All you need to manage the nest and prepare to fly off for adventures


Housing, Finance & Mobility: Age in place, shared housing, financial tips and Lyft's new aging partnerships


Passion, Purpose, Spirituality & Ageism Activism- a final day of inspiration!

Our Esteemed Expert Speakers Include:


Kari Henley - Producer and Host ~ Colorado, USA

Kari is a social entrepreneur and emerging aging enthusiast, with decades of experience in writing, interviewing and facilitating live & virtual events. Founder of Henley Development LLC, Kari produced and hosted the "Women of Destiny" Summit: featuring over 100 thought leaders over 31 consecutive days- one of the largest Live tele-summits ever created. Kari has an enormous passion for the transformation of aging. She is a featured contributor for the Huffington Post, Blog Editor at Silvernest, and is developing a documentary on inter-generational perceptions of aging. At the tender age of 50, she is delighted to be at the doorstep of "outgrowing adulthood."

Moira Allan, Co-Host ~ Paris, France

Moira is the co-founder & international coordinator of the International Pass it On Network- a community portal for over 45 liaisons from around the world who are all on the cutting edge of the aging industry. Moira is a senior consultant, with a lifetime of experience as a journalist. Moira grew up in South Africa and now resides in Paris. She has traveled extensively and met many of the top notch aging organizations in the industry.

Bruce Frankel, Co-Host ~ Massachusetts, USA

Bruce Frankel the best-selling author of the award-winning WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE?: True Stories of Finding Success, Passion, and New Meaning in the Second Half of Life. A prize-winning journalist, he held writing, editing and reporting positions at People magazine and USA Today. He is Editor of LPN-Q: The Quarterly Journal of the Life Planning Network and Editorial Director of BSLI Redstring, an innovative community-building technology and organization for social good.

Functional Takeaways

This summit is like no other. Not only will you be educated and inspired, our all access pass members will have an entire workbook of resources, guides and tools to change the trajectory of your path - financially, physically, mentally and socially.

International Treasures

It is rare to have an intimate connection with experts from outside our own backyard, yet innovations are happening around the globe faster than you can imagine! You will be engaged and thrilled listening to cultural experts worldwide with practical wisdom to savor and share.


#1 - World-Changing Experts Reveal Their Secrets To Health, Entrepreneurial Success, Positive Aging  & Global Innovations—  Tools to Renovate Your Life at ANY Age.

Our experts are focused on sharing practical tools for your health, finances, nutrition, tech, housing, and entrepreneurism. You will meet global communities and have and opportunities to engage. 

#2 - Personal Guidebook Manual.

If you take notes like I do, it can be frustrating to take notes at conferences with little hotel pads. Not this time. We’ve created a fantastic Personal Guidebook Manual with pages from EACH and EVERY speaker, in chronological order, during the entire summit. You’ll find easy-to-follow highlights of each session, space to take notes, takeaway, links to relevant resources and more. This is a powerful complimentary tool you would never receive at a live event, and it will help you to implement what you learn.

#3 - $50 in FREE Lyft ride coupons!

Lyft shares more about their incredible company and elder mobility partnerships to not only help older adults work part time for the company, but also innovative ways to assist in caregiving to help our older loved ones stay active. *Enjoy their generous gift of $50 in free ride coupons!

#4 - Free Jobzology Encore Assessment.

Jobzology, one of our sponsors of the AWB Summit is offering FREE access to their phenomenal assessment tool, used by AARP. Whether you are exploring a new paid job, want to volunteer or mentor, this tool provides insights on your fundamental strengths, inclinations, and interests in just about any job you can imagine! Always wanted to be a tugboat captain? Type it in and Jobzology will reveal how likely you are to enjoy that job. It's fun, insightful and directly links to job banks with available jobs in your top areas of interest. A $69 value.


Have a few Questions? I bet I can answer them here!

Is this event good for me?

If you are anywhere north of age 50 - and have had thoughts about your health as you age, wanted to embark on a new career path, longed to engage your intellectual curiosities with other interesting people, had an interest in upcoming technology, wondered how to make extra money, how to stay in your home as you age, and MORE- then you will find value here. If even ONE of our workshop sessions attracts you- trust me - start there and then enjoy the ride!

Where is this event located and How Much Does it Cost?

That's the BEST PART! This event is located on your computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone. No traveling needed! Stay home or take us with you. 

To gain permanent access to all the sessions to watch at your leisure, receive the Guidebook, audio downloads and Bonus Gifts: Only $197USD for the  ALL ACCESS MEMBER PASS!

Do you have customer service?

Why of course! If you have any issues, just email karilhenley@gmail.com and we will get right back to you!

Will I get a recording?

All those who purchase the ALL ACCESS PASS  will receive a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP which includes an audio download of every session. Whether you prefer to watch, or listen- we've got your bases covered! 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I am so excited for this summit! There is such a huge diversity of topics that I am interested in, and the calibre of experts from so many countries is incredibly impressive.

Barbara Shulman Kirwin