Kari Henley - Producer and Host ~ Colorado, USA

Kari is a social entrepreneur and emerging aging enthusiast, with decades of experience in writing, interviewing and facilitating live & virtual events. Founder of Henley Development LLC, Kari produced and hosted the "Women of Destiny" Summit: featuring over 100 thought leaders over 31 consecutive days- one of the largest Live tele-summits ever created. Kari has an enormous passion for the transformation of aging. She is a featured contributor for the Huffington Post, Blog Editor at Silvernest, and is developing a documentary on inter-generational perceptions of aging. At the tender age of 50, she is delighted to be at the doorstep of "outgrowing adulthood."

Moira Allan, Co-Host ~ Paris, France

Moira is the co-founder & international coordinator of the International Pass it On Network- a community portal for over 45 liaisons from around the world who are all on the cutting edge of the aging industry. Moira is a senior consultant, with a lifetime of experience as a journalist. Moira grew up in South Africa and now resides in Paris. She has traveled extensively and met many of the top notch aging organizations in the industry.

Bruce Frankel, Co-Host ~ Massachusetts, USA

Bruce Frankel the best-selling author of the award-winning WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE?: True Stories of Finding Success, Passion, and New Meaning in the Second Half of Life. A prize-winning journalist, he held writing, editing and reporting positions at People magazine and USA Today. He is Editor of LPN-Q: The Quarterly Journal of the Life Planning Network and Editorial Director of BSLI Redstring, an innovative community-building technology and organization for social good.