Day 1: Health & Wellness- Mental and Physical

On our first day, we focus on our bodies and our minds... something vitally important if we are going to transform the third age! Check out our incredible "A-listers" in the industry sharing their latest tips in memory care, healthy lifestyle, attitudes affecting our health and more. Watch in order, or pick and choose! 

Day 1- Health & Wellness

Jan Hively, co-founder Pass it On Network, "The Six Dimensions of Wellness"

Jim Firman, CEO National Council on Aging, "Aging Mastery: the Art & Science of Navigating Longer Lives"

Paul Irving, Chairman, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging: "The Promise of Purposeful Aging"

Dr. Roger Landry, President, Masterpiece Living: "The Alchemy of Aging"

Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Adjunct Research Assistant, Professor of Neurology Boston Univ. School of Medicine, and President Brain Health and Wellness Center: "Brain Foods to Help Save Our Brains and Bodies"

Dr. Peter Whitehouse, Case Western University, Intergenerational Schools Int'l, "Alzheimers & Intergenerativity"

Dana Steinova, EURAG, Memory Training Center, Prague, Czech Rep. "Memory Training to Increase Confidence"

Lawrence Wallack, Portland State Univ, "Why I Walk: Replacing Urgency with Miles and Mindfulness"

Day 2: Tech, Innovation and 50+ Entrepreneurism

Feeling good? Ready for Day 2? Let's go!  Time to lace up your sneakers and fasten your seat belts. Think retirement means limited options? Think again. Baby boomers represent the fastest growing entrepreneurial demographic, are redefining aging on all levels, getting tech savvy and changing the world. Sharpen your pencils!

Day 2- Tech, Innovation & Entrepreneurism

Stephen Johnston, Co-Founder, Aging2.0: "Aging2.0: Aging Into the Future"

Bryan Dik, Co-Founder, Jobzology: "Actualizing Purpose in Encore Careers and Retirement." *Bonus Assessment valued at $60!

Elizabeth Isele, Founder GIEE Experienced Entrepreneurship: "Why Senior Entrepreneurship is Not an Oxymoron"

Matt Munro & Alex Rodas, Co-Founders, GroovyTek: "What the Hack?"

Emi Kiyota,  Environmental Gerontologist: "Ibasho: Community By and For Elders"

Rebecca Wilson, Founder, Starts at 60, Australia: "What Does the 60+ Market Really Want?"

Nan Bosler, Founder Australia Senior Computer Clubs- "Anyone Can Become Computer Literate"

Day 3: Global Leaders Creating Change

The highest and most esteemed Global Leaders in the Aging Industry  are sharing high level policies, innovations and programs from the United Nations Institute on Aging, EURAG, AGE Parent Europe, and represent Malta, Hong Kong, France, Japan and more. We are so grateful to share this distinguished group in an intimate format rarely ever seen in the industry.

Day 3- Global Leaders

Dirk Jarre, President EURAG: "The Maintenance of an Independent, Self-Determined Life"

Anne-Sophie Parent, Brussels, Secretary General  of AGE Platform Europe: "Towards an Age Friendly Europe"

Marvin Formosa, Director, United Nations Institute on Aging, Malta: "A Watershed Moment in Global Aging"

Prof. Takeo Ogawa, Japan, founder of the Active Aging Consortium in Asia Pacific: "Active Aging in Asia & Beyond"

Teresa Tsein, Active Aging & Alzheimer's Expert, Hong Kong: "Learning from the Oldest Students on Earth"

Keren Brown Wilson, JFR Foundation: "Responding to Global Aging in Resource Constrained Communities"

Michael Hodin, Global Coalition on Aging: "A Corporate View of Aging"

Day 4: Global Safari of Life Long Learning & Active Aging

Today we will explore the Third Age as a "state of mind" and be inspired by the diverse cultural perspectives, innovations and opportunities available world wide to engage in Lifelong Learning as one of the biggest keys to Active Aging. We bring you experts from the four corners of the world including Hawaii, Moscow, Tasmania, Mauritius, Ukraine and Singapore- get out your maps and have a blast!

Day 4: Lifelong Learning

Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson, President U3A Iceland: "Towards a Dynamic Third Age & the BALL Project"

Cullen Hayashida, Hawaii,  Ana Krajnc, Slovenia: "Panel: Lifelong Learning Keys for Health & Wellness"

Jean Walker, President U3A Online, Tasmania: "Discover the Online University for the Third Age"

Leng Leng Thang, Social Anthropologist, Singapore: "Think Intergenerational! Developments on intergenerational approach in Singapore"

Thibault Bastin & Barthelemy Gas- Paris, France: "Les Talents d'Alphonse: Matching Talent with Curious People"

Parsu Armoogum Parsuramen, Founder U3A Mauritius & Global Rainbow Foundation: "Active Aging & Giving Back"

Vsevolod Rozanov, Professor, Odessa National Mechnikov University, Ukraine: "Positive Mental Health for the Young and Old"

Day 5: Retirement, Travel & Caregiving

Retirement means something different for everyone. Today we will explore several perspectives to help you re-define what retirement means for you. Along with retirement, Traveling is something most people dream of - including  "Bucket Lists" destinations. Get inspired with new ways to make them happen. Finally, Caregiving is a reality for ourselves and our loved ones whether we are single, or have extended families. Our experts share advice and support. Enjoy!

Day 5: Retirement, Travel & Caregiving

Dieter Zwicky, Life Coach, Zurich Switzerland: "Access your Childlike Spontaneity Once Again"

Peter Mangan, Founder The Freebird Club, Ireland: "Connecting Senior Explorers Through Meaningful Travel"

Lynda Smith, Founder, Refirement Network, South Africa: "Meaningful Travel to South Africa"

Joy  Loverde, author, mature market consultant, product spokesperson: "Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old"

Dorian Mintzer, Ph.D., Retirement Transition Coach, Author: "Revolutionize Retirement"

Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D. Retirement Coach: "Fifty Plus, Minus Kids: Meeting the Challenges of Solo Aging"

Kendall Dudley, Director Lifeworks Career & Life Design: "Using Your Life Story to Illuminate the Future"

Deborah Skovron, Founder, Circle Talk: "Reversing Loneliness"

Day 6: Finance, Housing & Mobility

Welcome to Day 6 -We are on Fire and going strong! We will look at your home: how to prepare it to be safe for any age or stage of life, and how to share it for extra income. Finance is one of the biggest concerns of older adults, our experts help you plan ahead. Plus, the fear of losing the car and the future of elder mobility will be forever transformed after you hear from the folks at Lyft!

Day 6: Finance, Housing & Mobility

Dan Trigub, Lyft, Healthcare Partnerships for senior mobility: "How Lyft is Transforming Senior Transportation & Staffing"

Louis Tenenbaum, Founder, HomesRenewed: "Aging in Place: Take Action!"

Wendi Burkhardt, CEO Silvernest:"Homesharing for Income and Companionship"

Mark Hager & Aaron Murphy: Aging in Place & Universal Design Panel: “An Age Friendly Future – Housing and Communities”

Tim Carpenter, Founder Exec. Director, EngAGE, CA: "High Engagement As Cure for Senior Loneliness"

Kerry Hannon, Author, Finance Expert: “How to Launch a Successful Encore Career After 50″

Judy Rough, Director, Certified Senior Advisors, CSA: “Getting Your Ducks in a Row″

Day 7: Passion, Purpose, the Role of Ageism

Our Last Day! Today is all about Reflection, Inspiration and ACTION! Enjoy some of the leading voices in the industry, from the intimacy of their home offices, sharing their collective wisdom about passion, purpose, shifting limiting paradigms, dreams, being Alive Inside, changing the "culture of aging" and opening up to the biggest possibilities of life. We hope to have surpassed your expectations! Thank you for joining us!

Day 7: Passion, Purpose, Legacy, Ageism

Dr. Bill Thomas- Eden Alternative, Age of Disruption & Changing Aging: "Aging Literacy"

Kristine Carlson, Best selling author of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" series: "What Now?" 

Michael Rossatto-Bennet, Sundance Award Winning Director: "Alive Inside and Alive Inside2 Preview" 

Jonathan Collie, London, Founder: "The Age of No Retirement"

Meg Newhouse, teacher, coach, author: "Legacies of the Heart"

Rick Moody, Author, former AARP: "The Power of Dreams in Retirement"

Ron Pevny, Founder & Director, Center for Conscious Eldering: "Conscious Eldering: The Journey Towards Wholeness in Our Later Years"

Ashton Applewhite, activist, author, This Chair Rocks: "The Role of Ageism"


We are so proud to bring you this incredibly diverse group of talented experts- all coming to you from the intimacy of their homes or offices sharing their insights and knowledge. The quality of resources, tips, tools, wisdom, and inspiration is beyond our wildest expectations. Grab your All Access Pass for lifetime access and bonuses!